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EPISODE 001 – Rodrigo Arancibia

This episode, Rodrigo and I introduce ourselves and jump into the two pillars of the show: education and talking mess.  We let you know where we’re from, how we came to be teachers, and dive into Rodrigo’s world of afterschool programs. Published: 8.26.2016


Me, with my thoughts on traditional vs integrated sequencing in math, experience using the CPM textbook, medical marijuana in Chula Vista, and the Yuba City Teacher Strike.  I am still working out the kinks on editing and delivery. I use the word “okay” or some variation as a poor transition about 100 times. My apologies for that. Listen to this if you’re having trouble sleeping. Published: 9.15.2016

EP003 – Memo Flores, 77 min

My first interview is an impromptu meetup with Memo Flores.  It’s during our summer break of 2016, and I ask a simple question, “What have you been doing with your summer?” I am surprised to find out that he has agreed to be in a documentary, 77 Minutes (director Charlie Minn), about the San Ysidro Massacre of 1984. Published: 9.21.2016

EP004 – Rodrigo Part 2: Costco/Ed Myths/AI/Narcos/GetDown/

Warning: there is a whole lot of free speech in the form of colorful language here.  Please do not listen with children nearby. You have been warned. When Rodrigo and I get together, we can talk for hours.  So I have to edit a lot.  I just can’t move on unless I get Costco off my mind.  And then we have a short discussion on myths of education. We have a small audio latency problem for no apparent reason and we roll with it.  No we are not on drugs. I wanted to talk about Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame speech, Rodrigo about Narcos, and then me about The Get Down.Enjoy a faster paced, more jovial podcast.

Published: 9.24.2016

EP005 – LAURENMC: More Ed Myths/SUHSD A2 Election

We really only had one topic in mind; myths in education (such technology and posterizing). Our shared union values had us touching upon the Yuba City Teachers Strike and how teachers collectively bargain with their districts.  Everyone should know this stuff, so the next time your local teachers are being painted as ‘greedy’ by their district, you have a better idea how negotiations play out in the public. We also discussed SUHSD Area 2 elections, since that’s where we both reside. This leads us to a community service opportunity for local high school students.  If they come phone bank for teacher endorsed candidates and Proposition 55, they can receive an easy 3 hrs/day of community service. Call 619-427-1370.

Published: 9.25.2016


If you are a parent of a student athlete, or are a student interested in taking sports medicine at your high school, Esteban Monge is a great resource. We discuss his experience as an athletic trainer and how he became a teacher in the sports medical pathway in the Grossmont Union High School District.  We discuss how laws have changed the way school administration is required to deal with head injuries of their student – athletes. As always, we ask Esteban who were the teachers that made an impact in his life, and it wasn’t all good. We recorded on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.  This is a day after Alfred Olango, an unarmed, mentally ill man, was shot and killed by El Cajon Police. 

Published: 10.03.2016

EP007 – Thierry Gonzalez (AfterSchoolDepot)

Random access memory. Testing out Skype, but Facetime worked better. Had no idea what the night had in store, when Rodrigo called Thierry.I do not know this dude, but we’ve worked around the same peoples and mindsets in education. As the Nikka Whiskey seeps through conversation, we lament about them damn Chargers and Measure C.  We discuss Measure B and why the South Bay is voting on something going on in North County. SORRY, but the gloves do not come off about Charter Schools in this episode. Rodrigo don’t want it with Hov. 

Published: 10.16.2016

EP008 – Where are the Bernie Sanders supporters?

So we ditch the format of talking to educators or about education, to specifically address something important this election season: Where, oh where, have all the Bernie Sanders supporter gone? I interview 3 friends that have all had to (of course) switch to another candidate. In this order Justino (Trump), Filiberto (HRC) and Jason (Stein). We talk about what it was that drew them to Bernie and how the rationalize the switch to someone who clearly does not hold those same values. We talk about the flaws in each candidate, and I even play a little “Political Love Match” game with one of the guests. There is some cursing in the beginning of the second interview, so a little fast forward will get you beyond that. No biggie. Enjoy episode eight. Published: 11.03.2016

EP009 – RobertoRodriguez/AskAUnionBoss

Back atcha for 2017.Episode 9 of the Educated Guess Podcast. Rodrigo (@Mr_Ayyy) and I (cesarduzit) have Roberto Rodriguez (@roberto63) in the studio. Roberto is a Regional Director for one of the strongest teachers’ unions in the country, CTA. We ask about involvement and what union activism might look like during the next four years. Dedicated in the memory of Tommy Flanagan, aka River Peace. Teacher activist. Published: 01.16.2017


I’ve known Mace since the mid 90’s, and to pin him to one job title would not do the man justice. He is known nationally for his work with Circulo de Hombres and helped found Teatro Izacalli, a comedy troupe. He has performed numerous times on stage and in film, but I believe this is his first podcast. In the concrete realm of education, he works for the Race, Human Relations, and Advocacy in San Diego Unified. We discuss his journey as a struggling student from Mexico to an Ethnic Studies degree at UCSD, restorative practices, and Chicano icon, Chunky Sanchez. Published: 01.30.2017

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