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EP021 | Gerardo Huidor | AP World Champ

Introduction by Adrian Arancibia.  Shout out to Diego for the background information that made this podcast POP! Mr. Gerardo Huidor discusses his struggles with school as a youth in the South Bay.  He would go on to SDSU and nearly drop out, if not for a turning point.  He would go onto get his Masters in Social Work at UCLA and work in that field for a couple of years.But education was his calling.  He went from a middle school to teaching AP World History at a brand new high school in our district, which he has been doing now for almost 15 years.  He is a master.  And his pass rates prove it.  You’d have to hear the story to believe it, and it is our honor to present it to you. Published: 7.24.2017

EP022 | Principal Carlos Gonzalez | GCode |

Here on the Educated Guess Podcast, we do ur best to interview educators far and near that refuse to accept the status quo of our craft.  We present to you, Carlos Gonzalez of Los Angeles. Teacher, Assistant Principal, and now principal in South Los Angeles.  His dedication to high expectations for students and staff has, no doubt, lead to his rise as an instructional leader in his district. I first met Carlos at the BOOST conference, where his strong, unapologetic stance on a quality education made an immediate impression on me. Also joining the podcast, is Diego Arancibia.  Brother to Rodrigo, and the first of us to meet and work with Carlos.  Diego would be the director of the Afterschool All Stars, an after school program, at a school where Carlos was the assistant principal.    Both men are game changers in the realm of education, and I want you to hear their stories and perspectives for yourselves.Get at us on them twitters: @czareff @mr_ayyy @d_suli Published: 08.17.2017

EP023 | PODIVERSARY |Brosz | MustangFootball | JemeleHill |

1 year in the making and the beginning of Season 2. Hope you enjoy the pod. Published: 10.13.2017

EP024 | DrChrisEmdin | RealityPedagogy | #HIpHopEd

The Educated Guess Podcast, Episode 24 Dr. Chris Emdin. Dr. Emdin dropped into the sleepy town of Chula Vista to do a PD with a local district and agreed to sit down with Rodrigo and I.  He comes by way of Teachers College at Columbia University where he specializes in Urban Education. Author of For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all Too, We discuss Reality Pedagogy, its tools for rethinking engagement, and how to listen to students in order to improve your craft. Dr Emdin gives us his top 5 emcees and showcases his skills in the cypher.It was the perfect blend of hip hop and education. Shout out Science Genius, GZA, and Agent Sasco! @czareff @mr_ayyy @chrisemdin Published: 10.25.2017

EP025 | Marcus Strother | WLA | MLA | Pedagogy4Leadership |

Episode 25 is pure pedagogical heat rocks! Marcus L Strother works with youth in so many capacities, it’s really hard to pin down his efforts to a couple or a few great moments.Poised, powerful, dedicated, and 100% authentic.He’s got game whether you are in the classroom, or supporting those who are.  Good with the right and the left, Marcus L Strother is catalyst the next movement in education. Published: 11.10.2017

EP026 | Elyse Burden | RWS | codenameLYZ |

Co-founder of Real World Scholars, recipient of Forbes’ 30 under 30 award for education. Real World Scholars offers seed money and personalized support for students to run businesses that offer goods or services to their community and beyond.  Imagine a chemistry class making soap and selling it on an e-commerce site like Shopify.  The possibilities are as limitless as rhe imaginations of our students, and RWS currently assists students in over 200 schools nationwide.  Perhaps most enticing is that they host your funds in an e-wallet, which assists in avoiding the cumbersome red tape of ASB and district housed funds. Rodrigo and I delve into Elyse’s sordid past, in order to gauge how she became the inspired adjacent educator she is today. Find her @LyzBurden or @RWScholars Published: 12.29.2017

EP027 | OSCAR DE LA TORRE | PYFC | SantaMonicaSchoolBoard

We cannot overstate how much Oscar exemplifies what the Educated Guess Podcast is about. Gritty beats with woke rhymes. Chuck D over DJ Premier beats. He is Pico. He understands Santa Monica. The first in many categories. “If your board member isn’t quoting MC Shan, you need to elect somebody who does.” Truly, one of our most moving episodes ever recorded. When love for community and determination builds capacity for a neighborhood and all its precious youth. Published: 01.30.2018

EP028 | Jussemen | DillaDay |

Released late due to editing issues. We need an intern for that business.Just Rodrigo and I talking local events and major news today. More dope interviews lined up, but for now it’s just Me n the Biz.Enjoy us talking mess until we get to the local medical ordinance.Find The Educated Guess Podcast on Facebook, IG, and them Twitters.Unofficially sponsored by The Southwest Patient Group. Local. Green. Activists. Published: 02.25.2018

EP029 | DrDanGarcia | BVHS | HarveyMudd | Top5Producers |

Daniel Garcia is local to the podcast, he graduated in 2006, from Bonita Vista High School (shout out to Mr. Eric Helle). Daniel would get his Bachelor’s from Harvey Mudd College, do some lab work in DC, and then enter doctoral work at UCSD. His thesis and work has to do with the metastasizing of cancer cells, and he does his best to explain it so we can understand it (scaffolding, for you teachers out there). We discuss his early experiences and how it shaped his love for science, college experience, and the process of defending his thesis.  We finish the podcast talking about his love for hip hop music and his top 3 producers.If you’re local to the podcast, he’d love to give back by speaking to your class.

@czareff @mr_ayyy @tgfbetta . Published: 04.05.2018

EP030 | MIKE STRONG 3 | Stanford.d.School | BeExcellent

Rethink how we run our schools. Be excellent to each other. Build, Bash, Beautify. Mike Strong stands strong for all of the above. Teacher, thinker at High Tech High in San Diego and teacher at Stanford’s d. School, Mike is a futuristic educator that cares about students. You have to listen to how you can rethink systems in your classroom and school that are harmful to the learning process. Listen to what love sounds like when you apply it to the school setting. Might sound like hyperbole, but it’s not. You can feel the authenticity and dedication in his words and ideas. 

Published: 05.02.2018

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