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It’s finally here. The Educated Guess Podcast is back for a 4th season and our lineup is phenomenal. This episode is something for both educators and hip-hop fans. Real boom bap hip hop fans, and educators who believe pedagogy should be guided joy and love. Brother Ali of Rhymesayers sat down with us for a quick interview about his introduction to hip hop and what education can learn from the art form. After the interview is an interpolation of a presentation he allowed us to record, Love Heal Grow, from the 2018 BOOST Conference in Palm Springs, CA. His words are beautiful and powerful, and there is no denying his message. Rodrigo and I discuss our takeaways during the breaks, with our own colorful style that is The Educated Guess Podcast.Enjoy Season 4. Enjoy Brother Ali. Peace. Published: 07.27.2018


Here is what dedication and love look like in practice. @AliciaJohal on them twitters for the necessary follow. We talk science, mastery-based grading, seaperch robotics, and professional development. We talk culture and climate and the tough discussions that need to occur between colleagues. Its such a content rich podcast amongst jst the laughter of friends hanging out. Alicia is an inspiring educator who encourages exploration in science. She is keenly aware of the whole child and leads with love. Truly respected across her district, we talk about being overworked and yet answering the call to help improve the profession. She does it because these babies deserve better. We were delighted to have her sit and talk on episode 32 of the Educated Guess Podcast. Published: 08.29.2018

EP033 | ROBERTO RIVERA | Hope Dealer |

His tagline that stands out above all others is, “From dope dealer to hope dealer.” Here the stories and inner machinations of Roberto Rivera. A young man by way of Texas, who would lead a life of social justice activism and entrepreneurship. He would then go on to create his own major surrounding these fields at UWM. We sit down with Roberto for the better part of an hour and get into his thinking and reveal some of the stories. We found it critical for Roberto to identify those moments where he knew he could create and control circumstances in his life. To be fair tho, he was an extremely easy interview and the conversation flowed seamlessly. We hope you like the stellar editing. We have a new member on the Educated Guess Podcast Team and his name is Ed Nuñez. Thank you, Ed! Published: 10.1.2018

Ep.034 | Nathan Fletcher | SD Board of Supervisors Candidate (2018) |

On the latest episode (34) of the Educated Guess Podcast, we interview combat veteran Nathan Fletcher, who teaches Political Science at the University of California, San Diego. Fletcher, who is the midst of a race for the District 4 seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, talked to us about his journey in becoming a public servant. From the Young Astronaut Program, to the Marine Corps, to the State Assembly, to UCSD, the man has been battle tested and is ready to serve the county at large. He even chimes in on controversial issues surrounding medical and adult use cannabis, Colin Kaepernick taking a knee, and his fumbling of the ball in regards to his Top 5 MC List.  Published: 10.26.2018

UTLA Special Report | STRIKE 2018

The UTLA: Special Report is dedicated with love and respect for the 30,000+ teachers on strike and the community that supports them. We want to give a special thanks to David Goldberg, Erika Jones, Christina Quimiro, Jose Andrade and Gary Locke. Your time and sacrifice makes this strike so real to our listeners and we’re honored to be a small part of this struggle with you. The world is watching this fight for public education. We are with you all! In Solidarity, Published: 01.18.2019

EP035 | James Halliday | A Reason To Survive (ARTS) |

James Halliday, Executive Director of A Reason To Survive (ARTS), sits down with the crew to talk about his educational experience, his life moonlighting as a double agent in Eastern Europe, and most importantly, the community work he’s doing alongside his team here in San Diego, California. The creative space ARTS provides is essential because it facilitates opportunities for youth to build working relationships with professional artists crafting in all mediums. From music and film, to murals and sculpture, ARTS strives to be a catalyst for middle and high school students interested in careers in the creative economy.  On a lighter note, James also reveals his controversial #Top5 (International Edition), which you may or may not want to miss. So on that note, please tune in and get at us on social media! Published: 02.11.2019

EP036 | Enrique ‘Chikle’ Lugo | Project Reo Collective |

Website: | | Instagram: @chikle79 | @projectreocollective | @educatedguesspodcast | @czareff | @mr_ayyyy | @resist_edu . Published: 03.19.2019

EP037 | Dr. Pedro Noguera |

Website: Twitter: @pedroanoguera | @edguesspodcast | @czareff | @mr_ayyy | @resist_edu Instagram: @educatedguesspodcast | @czareff | @mr_ayyyy | @resist_edu Published: 04.17.19

EP038 | Grad Season 2019 | RIP Bushwick Bill |

We made up and became best friends again for grad season. We both got new jobs and meet up at the end of the year to tie a bow around the struggles and accomplishments. We discuss school systems, grad speeches, RIP Bushwick Bill, and the NBA Finals. Published: 06.11.2019

EP39 | Live at the Barbeque (Side A) | Dr. Martín Casas & Dr. Pilar Vargas

For Episode 39 of the Educated Guess Podcast we tried something a little different…

WE WENT LIVE! The “Live at the Barbeque” edition of the show featured a heavy dose of Dr. Martín Casas and Dr. Pilar Vargas who shared their experiences and views on a wide range of topics including PLCs, dual language programs, and the infamous 2019 yearbook. Additionally, they voiced their concerns regarding online learning and independent studies programs. “Live at the Barbeque” also gave us an opportunity to attempt our first round robin segment with the help of Mr. Edward Nuñez (San Diego), Mr. Gerardo Huidor (Chula Vista), and Mr. Marquise Anderson (Los Angeles), who touched on 90s cinema, knowledge of self, and social media. A third segment, featuring “Dr. Solo” and Dr. Dan Garcia, will explore health and science. This portion will be available on “Live at the Barbeque – Side B”. With that being said, please enjoy the show and be sure to follow our guests to keep in touch and be inspired!

@MartinCasas_ | @MsVAztecAP | @ghuidor | @marquise_apsaw | @Mr_Ayyy | @czareff | @resist_edu

@m_casas7 | @marquise_apsaw | @mr_ayyyy | @czareff | @resist_edu

Published: 07.19.2019

EP039 | Live at the Barbeque (Side B) | “Dr. Solo” & Dr. Dan Garcia

On the Educated Guess Podcast: Live at the Barbeque – Side B, we ask doctors dumb questions. In this segment, “Dr. Solo” and Dr. Dan Garcia shed light on the men’s health. Published: 07.19.2019

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