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EP040 | Timothy Jones | #HipHopEd | Techniques For Learning



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Twitter: @tdj6899 | @therealhiphoped | @EdGuessPodcast | @czareff | @mr_ayyy | @resist_edu . Published: 10.01.2019

EP041 | Don M. Dumas | SDCOE Teacher of the Year |

Don M. Dumas, of the Imperial Beach Dumas Clan, is an amazing talent in the classroom and a general in the field of education. He has not only earned the prestigious San Diego County Teacher of the Year Award, but also earned the nickname “Don the Jeweler” for the many jewels of knowledge he drops in this episode.

His ideas will disrupt, his words will inspire. Published: 10.27.2019

EP042 | Steve Garcia | Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing |

Steve Garcia is local to the podcast, and a product of the local school districts in the South Bay of San Diego, CA. He is a proprietor, brand manager, and all-around entrepreneur. Steve is a graduate of the San Diego State University Craft Brew Business Program and part owner of 3 Punk Ales in Chula Vista, CA. He is our first guest that is not in the field of education, yet his experience of being a learner speaks volumes. His thoughts are organic, authentic, and insightful, especially if you listen through the lens of an educator. Pedagogy and process, without the cyclical jargon. | @el_shamps | @Thr3ePunkAles | Published 12.08.19

EPISODE Z | Kwaku Aning | The Lost Tapes

Kwaku Aning is praxis of music, teach, and heart in education. Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking at the San Diego Jewish Academy, he is one of few guests that has experience in private, charter, and public arenas. Our range of topics includes the damage of NCLB, tech pitfalls and benefits, as well as my irrational fear of artificial intelligence. Hope you enjoy this recently uncovered episode from The Lost Tapes.

@kwaku1 | @radiozamunda . Published: 12/31/2019

EP043 | King D | LPSD Crew | Microphone Enhancer |

Keeping with our recent run of interviews with people not directly affiliated with education, we bring Damon “King D” Murakami, local hip hop artist from the legendary crew, Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope (LPSD). We discuss San Diego hip hop history, his experience with education, and give props to some of our best from SD. This is a piece where I got a chance to chronicle the thoughts of an emcee that I highly respect, while reflecting on my own time building and connecting hip hop circles in San Diego. I hope you enjoy. Published: 01.21.2020

Ep.044: Dr. Rob Rubalcaba AKA Professor Shadow | Umoja | Pillars of the Community

Fam. We cannot say enough about Dr. Rob Ruvalcaba from San Diego City Community College. This man pedagogy is the epitome of Hip Hop Ed in practice. Dr. Rob brings math concepts to life through hip hop music and connects with students in a real way. He also brings students into the community space by inviting them to work on assignments while he spins records at venues, as Dj Professor Shadow. We were honored that he gave us the time to share his music and approach to education. Dr. Rob. You heard him here first on the Educated Guess Podcast.

Published: 02.10.2020

Ep.045: Stephanie Brown | Principal of Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School in San Diego Unified is THE biggest spotlight in public high schools in San Diego. Home of The Hornets, aka ‘The Hive’, rests in the Lincoln Park area of Southeast San Diego. There is a rich history of excellence and participation by local organizations, elected officials, and the local African American community. In 1969, Lincoln High had a student walkout that led to the first African American principal in San Diego.

Stephanie Brown steps in as the new principal of The Hive, and we are appreciative of her willingness to spend time with The Educated Guess Podcast. We chronicle her origin story, her rise as an educator, and her beliefs as the instructional leader. Stephanie’s role in a complex ecosystem of community, culture, politics, and education, is the praxis we seek. Hopefully, we’ve met the demand. Enjoy the episode, y’all.

Guest: Principal of Lincoln High School
Stephanie Brown @leadforlove

Guest Co-Host
Dr. Martín Casas @MartinCasas_

Cesar Fernandez @czareff

The Superintendent of Sound
Ed Nuñez @ resist_edu Published: 03.07.2020

The Quarantine Series: COVID19 – Special Edition

This episode was recorded the weekend of March 14th, 2020, just a day after most schools in California were closed, and educators of all sorts would have to adjust to what we now call Distance Learning. The Audio Two decided to bring back a collection of past guests, and one new visitor to crowdsource what we could expect during the stay at home orders and what working remotely really looks like. More importantly, I think we just needed to get together and share words amongst friends as a way to de-escalate any upcoming anxiety or stress. We hope you enjoy the thoughts, vision, and authenticity provided.

@czareff | @Mr_Ayyy

Superintendent of Sound:


@MrStrong3rd | @MartinCasas_ | @MarcusLStrother | @ ORHCoachValdez | @marquise_apsaw

EP046 | Mark Gonzales | Wage Beauty |

Mark Gonzales is a futurist with an amazing, beautiful gift for bringing people together to dream about all that is socially possible. He uses design principles, with a focus on empathy, to help organization create a human-centered approach towards goals. Buy his book, In Times of Terror Wage Beauty, and bring him to speak at your convening. Mark is transformative, authentic, and inspiring. The beautiful one.

This episode is a circle back to BOOST Conference 2018. This week would have been BOOST 2020, which is the best afterschool conference in the nation. This was partially recorded at the pre-conference, titled “Love, Heal, Grow”, which was a joint effort of Mark and recording artist, Brother Ali. The Audio Two then take you to the floor of the exhibition hall where we get Mark on wax for some more niceness. We hope you enjoy the vibes n stuff, see you at BOOST in October.


EP047 | Class of 2020 |

EP047 | Class of 2020 | We decided to reach out to students from the Class of 2020 to get their experiences of learning and living during the COVID quarantine. This wasn’t our normal trash talking sort of episode, as we really just wanted the raw, real words from students about distance learning, lack of social events, and any successes or struggles they’ve had during this time. They gave advice to the upcoming Class of 2021, and some words of wisdom for teachers in regards to distance learning. Thank you to the students of Southwest High, Bonita Vista High, and Otay Ranch High. We wish you the best as you move on to your next journey. ✌️
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